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The state of Arizona has instituted a program to deny certain convicted felons who have served a portion – or all of their sentences – the right to privacy and to conduct their lives in a normal manner free from illegal intrusion by law enforcement. Arizona’s program for dealing with sexual offenders is probably the nation’s most intrusive to date.…

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US: For-Profit Probation Tramples Rights of Poor

Published on Feb 4, 2014

(New York, February 5, 2014) – Every year, US courts sentence several hundred thousand misdemeanor offenders to probation overseen by private companies that charge their fees directly to the probationers. Often, the poorest people wind up paying the most in fees over time, in what amounts to a discriminatory penalty. And when they can’t pay, companies can and do secure their arrest.


Time to Revisit Sex Offender Supervision for Life

In the mid-1990s, Americans were shocked by several high-profile child victim sex offenses. In New Jersey, the abduction, rape and murder of seven-year-old Megan Kanka by a paroled sex offender who lived across the street horrified the state and spurred action by elected officials and state agencies. In less than four months (warp speed for legislative processes), a package of…

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Boxed In: How a Criminal Record Keeps You Unemployed For Life

Back in 1987, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission declared that blanket bans on hiring people with criminal records were a Civil Rights Act violation. The EEOC noted that the law bars not only overt bias based on protected categories like race, but also seemingly neutral policies that have the effect of reinforcing racial disparities So it told employers that they…

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Is It Time to Revisit Sex Offender Supervision for Life?

With lifetime supervision, the sex offender caseload continues to grow with no relief in sight. In New Jersey, the State Parole Board’s supervision caseload is becoming dominated by the community supervision for life (CSL) cases. In 2011, there were 5,067 CSL cases, representing 32.3% of the total supervision caseload. By 2014, the CSL cases number 7,031 or 46% of the…

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LIFETIME SUPERVISION OF SEX OFFENDERS AND THE IMPACTS ON THE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY — DIVISION OF PAROLE & PROBATION     BACKGROUND: Lifetime  Supervision (LS) is  a  special  sentence  which  is  required  to  be included  for  specific  sex  crimes  per  NRS  176.0931.    This  sentence  begins following any term of probation, parole or release from custody. Special  conditions for  LS …

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Lifetime parole or probation, what does that mean?

Lifetime parole or probation, what does that mean?  It is essentially a prison without bars! Your first thought might be , “Well what is so bad about that?” I would say , “We’ll let the registrants respond to that, but, oops! there-in-lies part of the problem. Many on lifetime probation or parole, especially in Maricopa County Arizona and not allowed…

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SJC ends lifetime parole supervision

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled Wednesday that it is unconstitutional for sex offenders who have completed their sentences to be subject to lifetime supervision by the state’s Parole Board, declaring that only judges have the authority to order additional jail time for criminal violations. The 6-1 decision ordered an end to the state Parole Board’s oversight of an estimated…

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