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Colorado’s pricey polygraph testing of under fire

Colorado’s pricey polygraph testing of sex offenders under fire as critics target accuracy, expense Psychologist calls state’s $5 million polygraph program “grossly excessive” as state legislature examines cost… Colorado has spent more than $5 million to administer polygraphs on convicted sex offenders over the last seven years despite concerns that the tests are so unreliable they can’t be used as evidence…

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Probation: The nicest sounding way to grease the skids of mass incarceration

Last week, Shaila Dewan had a brilliant story in the New York Times about how probation sentences set people up to fail: Probation May Sound Light, but Punishments Can Land Hard. The article follows a woman who was arrested for drunk driving, her first offense of any kind, and whose life entered a very expensive spiral, including the loss of…

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Lifetime parole or probation, what does that mean?

Lifetime parole or probation, what does that mean?  It is essentially a prison without bars! Your first thought might be , “Well what is so bad about that?” I would say , “We’ll let the registrants respond to that, but, oops! there-in-lies part of the problem. Many on lifetime probation or parole, especially in Maricopa County Arizona and not allowed…

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Serving a Purpose

Judges are more likely to terminate a probation early if they are convinced that the probation has served its purpose which is to ensure that the wrongful behavior will never happen again. Demonstrate you have learned your lesson by stating how your life has been changed for the better because of the probation experience. Point out how you have been…

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